About us

Out of an in the beginning smaller veneer peeling factory developed in the course of the years an efficient, international and busy veneer factory with the production center of gravity as supplier of the heavily expanded door- and panelindustry.

The worked off woods extend today mostly on the eurpean and african woodmanners.

Seit 1980 Since 1980 one occupies with the production of highgraded woods for the deliverance of interior completion-, interior-, bedroom-, door-, furniture and shroudcompanies.
Conditional through the high inquiry after massiv timber the production of these woods has started in the 80s. Because of the high enviromental protection editions in 1994 the own veneer- and timberproduction was stopped and since then all roundtimber were worked off in wage at other knife- and sawmills.

The fresh produced portions from this wage factories come after that to Wessum and here they are assorted customer- and userspecific after quality and characteristic
The former productionhalls are now used as air-conditioned storehouses.